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Ministers, entrepreneurs and educated musicians, having studied a variety of musical genres, the brothers (Arcelious, Alonzo, Alexander, Andronicus, Antipas and Antonio) integrate ministry, and various musical styles, including jazz, legendary Motown R&B, classical, blues, rock, hip-hop, gospel and other ethnic sounds, to produce a unique image and an urban soul-stirring flavor in the music that captures audiences from the cradle to the elderly. A7 has coined their own musical genre -- inspirational urban soul.
The group is called “A7” because all of the members’ names begin with the letter “A”. There are “6” brothers. The “7” acknowledges the presence of God.
Arcelious is a highly talented, stick-flipping drummer who began his musical journey at the tender age of seven and has captured thousands with his electrifying presence on stage with his brothers.
The group’s electric guitarist and bassist is Andronicus “Duke” Harris. With skillful ingenuity, Andronicus adds distinct flavor to the group’s production.
Adding to this multi-talented crew is Antipas Harris. Antipas is a keyboardist, songwriter, and co-producer. As a child prodigy, he began playing the piano by ear as a toddler (two years old).
As a graduate of LaGrange College (listed within Georgia’s top ten four-year liberal arts colleges) in Creative Music Technology and having recently completed a master’s degree program, Alonzo keeps busy. Alonzo is a prolific drummer, organist and pianist.
The driving force of A7 is, no doubt, the lead singer Alexander “LX” Harris. This young man possesses a rich golden voice that stirs the souls of all those who hear him sing. 
Completing the smooth sounds of A7 is Antonio “T” Owens. Antonio’s strong tenor voice, along with his irresistible melodies and unbelievable hooks, add rich flavor to A7’s four-part harmonies and already unique sound.

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