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July 12, 2025

This album tells the story of a prodigal son coming home. It is a story of hope and promise that people can receive and hold on to, making it their own. “It is not mine to keep, I am just the messenger.” He tends to write about his feelings or a particular situation. People who are hurting and lost inspire him to help give them an answer, through song, instead of more questions. He says he leaves them with an answer that will truly change things and that answer is Jesus Christ.

The song entitled ‘Break Down the Wall’ came about from three different sections of his life. Its creation spanned more than two years and brought forth with it a message of hope and redemption. It was the desire to be heard that began Eric Brumley’s songwriting career at the age of 12. For him it was an outlet. It was an outward expression of an inward desire.

His greatest musical and life influence is his mother. She gave him the opportunity to except Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at 5 years of age. One of his first songs was written with her. She would play the guitar while encouraging him to write his lyrics. He says, “If it wasn’t for the song of her life, music wouldn’t have been passed on to me.” Also, his father would take him out in the ’62 Chevy while they listened to music from the fifties and sixties. Between his mom’s musical ability and his dad’s love of radio music, it was a package deal. 

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