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Judge Milton L. Wright gives music the credit for his survival. Directed by their mother ‘The Echoes of Joy’ consistently found themselves attending and singing for churches in the area, where after the service a collection would be taken up for them.
A few singers that inspire Judge Wright are Shirley Cesar, Mavis and the Staple Singers, Caravan and the Five Blind Boys from Alabama, whose guitarist would come to the house and give them guitar lessons.
Though Gospel and Rhythm & Blues are close to his heart he was encouraged by his sixth grade teacher to play the piano and sing. He joined a boy’s choir and sang soprano, giving him his first taste of classical music which is found in his repertoire. He has played and performed everything from Gospel to R&B and Jazz to Classical and is considered a European Star.
His second passion, The Law, has also brought about inspiration for his song writing. From college to law school, then practicing as an attorney, and now seated as a Judge, his song writing has become an inspiration even to himself. It all comes together as one.

His songwriting, at its conception, is whole. The words and the tune are there the first time he puts it down on paper. From there, he works on it and shapes it a little, but the original concept and idea are never changed, just enhanced.
On his album, ‘Judgment Day’, there is a song called "His Eyes are Wide". It doesn't have the same R&B feel as the others. It almost sounds more like a folk song. In it, he is singing about his notion of Jesus. He says, “There is a superior being that, even after death, is alive and sees all.” This song helps to usher in the desire to look at ones self. When we look for the good inside of us we will find it. Judge Wright believes his music opens the door for hope in a spiritual thing that we can not define which helps us overcome the greatest odds. "It spring from love." he says. "You can't have it if you don't have love. It is all about love."
For the past 20 years Judge Wright has been a part of a play called 'The Black Nativity', composed by Langston Hughes.

It opens the 1st week in December and runs for 12 nights at the Tremont Temple in Boston. He is the narrator and lead soloist. Since the passing of the last musical director, he has also acted as interim musical director for the cast of 60 adults in the play. There are also 80 children, and the changes and obstacles they overcome between October when they begin rehearsals and the opening night, is a miracle in itself. It is a testament of his beliefs that it is love, faith, courage and determination that will help you be victorious in this life.

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